Saturday, February 9, 2019

Gratitude ... Reverse Bucket List

Every day I spend a few moments listing the things that happened the previous day that I am grateful for.  It helps me to realize just how wonderfully abundant my life is.  Even despite any challenges that may be going on.

Yesterday I was browsing through photos and I realized just how many amazing things I have had the opportunity to do in life!  So many things I have already been able to check off my bucket list.  So grateful! 

Here are some of my very favorite experiences.
Maybe you will add some to your bucket list!  Or make your own reverse bucket list.

Owned a bakery and made some really amazing cakes.

Attending pastry school in Paris.

Completed a mud run.
Visited Niagara Falls.

Been to Hawaii.

Went on a scavenger hunt with friends.

Visited Disney World.

Those amazing cakes again ...

Tried white water rafting.

Rode horses on the beach.

Did an "Amazing Race" with friends.

Enjoyed a decade of the townwide chili festival.

Been to Venice.

Participated in a flash mob.

Learned to snowboard.

Stayed in a castle.

Visited Castello Estense (which I always wanted to visit because I am a big fan of Italian Rennaisance historial fiction.)

Had lunch on an Italian piazza.

Got up close and personal with my favorite painting, "School of Athens" by Rafael.

Rode in a gondola.

Toured the Roman Forum.
Enjoyed my brother's wedding.

Renovated an old Victorian house.

Joined a beach club.

Hiked 35 waterfalls.

Played a zombie in a Halloween tour.

Stayed slopeside.

Went to a drive in movie.

Visited the worlds largest candy store.

Visited Ellis Island.

Explored a spiritual hotspot, Tripod Rock.

Explored a cave.

Tried hot pot.

Stayed at the Hotel Frontenac.
Visited Louise Penny sites.

Went winter hiking.

Did yoga with goats.

Had a formal Victorian tea.

Explored Central Park.

Been on the set of many cool TV shows and movies.

 Built a fairy trail.

Had the worlds best pizza.

Meditated at Walden Pond.

Went on a yoga retreat.

Took an outdoor shower in Belize.

Went cave tubing.

Saw my daughter on TV.

Petted a tapir.

Stayed on a private island.

Went ziplining.

Visited ancient Mayan ruins.

Saw more than 25 Broadway shows.

Satyed at Sagamore.

Had a tea party in the park.

Got out of a corn maze.

Went to Costa Rica.

Ate a fish we caught.

Got to ride Dumbo as an adult.

Took my kids to a NASCAR race.

Had tea at The Plaza.

Helped hatch 2 doves and got to watch the, fly for the first time.

Dressed up as a fairy.
Saw baby bunnies in their warren.

Went to the Blue Lagoon.

Ate putrified shark.

Got up close and personal to a giant waterfall.

Went snowmobiling on a glacier.

Hiked a lava tube.

Visited a cat sanctuary.

Connect with family in Italy.

Learned to make pasta.

Stayed in a Medici watchtower.
Survived Hurricane Sandy.